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SAS Affiliate Review 2021

Beginner's Online Marketing

My Honest Review Of Jason Caluori & Barry Plaskow's Affiliate Program To Make Money

SAS Affiliate Review - Can Anyone Be

A Pro Affiliate Marketer?

Do you want to make real money? Have you been surfing all over the internet for a reliable affiliate marketing strategy that works? So was I. I have been surfing all of the internet for weeks to find an affiliate market expert who knows how things work. After wasting a lot of time, I came to know about the SAS affiliate marketing training program from a friend. That is when I decided to join the program, and now I am willing to share my experience with you.

To begin with, I can confidently say, the program is by far the greatest there is. The program is run by the two legends of affiliate marketing Barry Plaskow and Jason Caluori. Barry is known for his incredible insights into the business. He has established several seven figures online businesses in different niches from scratch. Jason, too, has established several seven figure online businesses. He is the real affiliate guru with all magic sticks in his hands.

In this review I will share my experience. I will highlight some key features. Then I will tell you the pros and the cons of this service.

Key Features:

  • Step-by-step video lessons

  • Live Training Program

  • High Converting Website Templates

  • Early Access to up to 40% commission affiliate programs

  • Digital Marketing Training

  • Insight on GroovePages

  • SEO Methods Training

  • Pros:

    Newbies and beginners can do it

    Honestly, I knew nothing about SEO and ranking. I had no prior knowledge about what products would sell in the market and what will not. I even lacked the knowledge of the whole sales funnel. Even then, I was able to successfully get my first affiliate sale on the very first week! Wow, this was the experience of a lifetime. This program is made with such a delicacy that even a newbie can follow it through with ease. A beginner can do as well as an expert on this program. My friend that recommended this program had been doing affiliate marketing for quite a time now. However, he, too, was astonished to find out the insights in this program.

    Live sessions

    I was really happy when I found out that this program also offered live sessions. The live training is so full of insights that your brain starts to explode. Although I had no prior knowledge of the subject, the guidance on the topic was so easy to follow.

    Follow up trainings

    The training session does not stop there. The organizers have also developed some follow up training, which is pretty exciting. My earlier training was brought to perfection with this.

    Learning from the legends among us

    During the session we came to know about some of the highly successful trainees. One of the trainees was able to pull off $10 million worth of sales. It was really incredible to hear the whole story from the horse's mouth. He told us how he did it.

    Supportive community

    The best part of this program is that people help each other. All of the trainees and other fellows are so helpful. They share their ideas and insights. I was able to understand the concepts of SEO and how Google loves your content and rank it. Most of the colleagues share their experiences and problems that they had been experiencing during their journey as an affiliate marketer.

    SAS Affiliate


    Most people thought that this was only related to the affiliate market. But the fact is that you can also use the knowledge for your e-commerce. The strategies and solutions are really capable of booming your sales. Affiliate marketing and eCommerce sales are not so different when it comes to conversion strategies.

    The best part of the training was the membership with GrooveFunnels. With GrooveFunnels also comes lots of Groove tools. GroovePages and GrooveAffiliate program are the two noteworthy for you. GroovePages will design your page, while GrooveAffiliate will give you instant profits even if your affiliate sign up for the free version.

    Using GroovePages to develop your website is pretty easy. You have to use the drag and drop options of Groove. Website creation and hosting are given to you for free. This free hosting is for life, which makes it attractive for both newbie and senior fellows.

    Search Engine Optimization

    The beauty of the program is that it teaches you easy ways to optimize your website. To rank your website on Google is not easy. Bringing in organic traffic is really great. GroovePages is really fast and easy to use. Groove websites rank on Google because their landing pages are designed to be pretty fast to load; this is a component of the secret Google ranking recipe.

    Step-by-Step Process

    A very attractive feature for me is the step-by-step process for everything. During the training, I was taken through each stage step by step. This made the whole process really easy for me. It was something that I enjoyed and continued the whole process incessantly.


    Learning Curve

    Like any other thing, this course also has a learning curve. It can be difficult if you don't spend time studying the resources given to you in this course. It is even more important to practice the strategies given by this course in your project. It is only by that means that you will ensure your success.

    Requires You To Practice

    Of course, if you are lazy like me, you don't want to do that. But if you want to make real money, there is no time to rest. Especially with this program, revealing the market secret demands immediate action on your part. Be active; lose your idleness.

    Final Verdict: Recommended!

    This product is marvelous. It took me in as an internet wanderer and trained me to be a marketing expert. Don't hold yourself back. I highly recommend this program. Getting in touch with great experts can be very expensive, but here you get these experts for minimal payments. The program is dense, a step-by-step guide that makes sure you succeed. Every newbie can be successful in the affiliate market with the help of this product. The best part of the program is the community and experience that you gain. Your colleagues are entrepreneurs. Moreover, the free access to Groove and its tools is also unbelievable.

    Yes, making money does matter, and so does taking action. If you don't decide now, you will probably waste another month or year before you take action and change your life. I took action, and therefore I saved time and my life is changing. 

    ✅ This may be your only chance to live the life of your dreams, stop living a painful life

    ✅ Don’t miss your chance to become the member of the elite group affiliate program that gets early access to the best selling 40% commission program

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    Here Are The Most Commonly Asked Questions About SAS Affiliate...

    • Q. "Is this for newbies? Can someone who's got no background whatsoever take GrooveFunnels, and turn it into a traffic magnet?"

     - April, one of our members, she recently ranked on the first page. This was after she had done the first or second training webinar with us. Here's SAS Affiliate members taking over page one of Google for just one of the projects we did earlier this week.

    We had an intro session, and had one training, straight away this is practical stuff. And these guys are not seasoned professionals. These are people who have never ranked in their lives.

    For beginners? Absolutely yes.

    • Q. "I've never had success online before. I've never driven traffic before. I've never made money online before. Can I do this?"

     - Both people that are brand new, or they've tried stuff and it hasn't worked, or they're kind of maybe veteran and they want to jump on these waves that we show you how to catch. We've got comments like this, "Super duper training." We just asked for feedback after we did the training, and we started getting just tons of not only the results, but just tons of comments on how clear it was, how actionable it was, how easy it was to get up and running.

    • Q. "Can it be done for e-commerce?"

     - You can build a sites like we show with SEO. You can also use Groove for event landing pages for ecommerce. It works really, really well. Michael Landau-Spiers made, we showed it during a webinar, another $2,000 just implementing that landing page concept.

    Normally you create a product... six months, then you get some noise. This got noise within a week because of the results that have been generated.

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